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Property 1 on 1 Trainings in Real Estate Investments from Anywhere in the USA & Canada

$1,000 Off, Valid toward 1 on 1 Training (Good until April 30th, 2013)

Property Investment

The more you know about the real estate industry, the easier it is to invest. Our agency one on one training courses that include how to buy land using property tax deeds. We've seen commercial properties in California go for as little as $700 and $50 in Kansas. Your opportunities are unlimited.

Investing in Tax Deeds Book 

Investing in Tax Deeds Book is a 21 page digital book available for download that tells the reader how to buy real estate properties for ONLY the back taxes due. $5.95

Books & Resources

You can never have enough reference materials. We offer clients a host of real estate resources and materials to help with buying property. Visit our store for a FREE Mini-E-Book.

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About Us

My Creative Cash Systems, Inc. of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is a real estate investment agency providing "one on one" training and instruction on how to get the best properties at auction. Our company has a reputation for helping people purchase real estate at rock-bottom prices. Opening in 1984, we provided training on the seven most effective ways to buy property. You can be well on your way to becoming a property mogul.

A Successful Standard

When you look to successful businesses and individuals, they all have a set of core values. From Donald Trump to Robert Allen, our mentors each let their principles drive their investments. Our company currently holds more than $1 million in assets.  

Follow Our Breadcrumbs of Knowledge So You can use the 'Rest of the Story' To Buy and Sell Discounted Real Estate ...

Core Values:

I  ntegrity – to Demonstrate Integrity in All That We Do
D uty – to Uphold My Sworn Duty to Our Students & Those in Real Estate Trouble
E thics – to Be Ethical in Our Decisions & Conduct
A ttitude – to Be Positive in Our Words & Actions
L eadership – to Lead by Example & Motivate Those around Us
S ervice – to Serve the Community & Our Students with Respect & Compassion-


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